Our Attractions


All three attractions are open this October, the Route 6 Motel, The Hangar Laser Tag Arena, and the River of Adventure Miniature Golf.  

Purchase a Zone Pass for the best value! Zone Pass includes two rounds of laser tag, one visit to the haunted motel, and one round of mini golf.

Route 6 Motel - Haunted Experience


The Route 6 Motel is the scariest haunted house in Atlantic Canada. Nestled in a spruce grove in the centre of Cavendish, the Route 6 Motel welcomed guests from all over the world with its promise of clean, comfortable rooms at an affordable price. The owner was forced to close the motel in 1975 and the property has sat empty for the past 40 years. Recently, investors purchased the old motel intent on restoring it to its former glory and reopening it once again to happy families. However, they were unable to finish the project as they encountered numerous disturbing obstacles from the very first swing of the hammer. Come walk, run or crawl through the winding corridors of the Route 6 Motel and find out what lurks within. If you can make it past the lobby.

The Hangar Laser Tag Arena


The Hangar Laser Tag Arena is a 3000-square foot airplane hangar where you must outlast your opponents using the latest in laser tag technology. Once you are strapped into your special vest, equipped with your state-of-the-art laser, and briefed with your mission, you are released into The Hangar. The arena is black-lit, foggy and fraught with opponents, so navigate carefully. To win the round, you must be the last one standing. Professionally designed and constructed, The Hangar Laser Tag Arena is an exhilarating game perfect for friends, family and groups. They can take groups of 16 at one time, perfect for friends or a group event. Staff will divide your group into teams, and there are built-in scenarios like capture the flag. Rounds are 7 minutes, and no reservations are required.

River of Adventure Miniature Golf


Putt through the potato patch, play to the top of the Volcano and then over the musical bridge. The course even places you in peril of being eaten by a giant lobster. The most beautiful, innovative and popular mini golf on Prince Edward Island for over 20 years.

"Love it here! Went through the haunted house three times and not only is it still scary but each time I went through it it had some changes which I felt was great so that you never get used to it."