The Route 6 Motel is designed to scare you. Inside this attractions you will experience extreme low visibility, strobe lights, confined spaces, loud noises, sudden & intense startles, uneven surfaces and stairways.

Do people really spend the night?
Don’t sleep here. Anyone planning on spending the night at the Route 6 Motel would be taking a significant risk, and we don’t recommend it. Just ask Mrs. Martin, if you can find her.
What if I have a heart condition, or prone to seizures?
Do not enter the Route 6 Motel if you suffer from a heart condition, are prone to seizures, or have any other type of medical condition that may affect your ability to complete your visit.
Will anyone touch me?
You will not be touched. If you touch any of the Motel staff, you will be asked to leave.
Do I have to book a time?
No. Reservations are not required for this Motel.
Is it dark?
The Route 6 Motel electrical systems have not functioned properly in the past twenty years. It will be dark. Also, no flashlights. If we see your phone flashlight, you will be asked to leave.
Is the Route 6 Motel appropriate for children?
Parents can use their discretion if the Route 6 Motel is appropriate for their child.
What if I am too scared to finish? How do I get out?
If you want an early checkout, yell "Check Out" three times, and Motel staff will guide you to the exit. There are NO REFUNDS for an early checkout.
How many people can go in together?
We recommend a group size of 4-6. We will not send small groups of strangers in together. People tend to hold on to the people around them, and some will not want strangers holding on to them, or grabbing them in fear. Our policy is only to send groups of friends or family in together.
How long is the experience?
It depends on how fast your pace is, but usually takes 20 minutes, assuming you don’t check out early. A lot of our guests don’t make it past the lobby.
Will you take pictures or videos of me during my visit?
Yes. You can purchase a picture and video of yourself getting scared in the Cavendish Beach Adventure Zone lobby after your visit for you to show your friends how brave (or not brave) you are.
Can I take a video?
No. Guests who are caught recording the visit on their mobile phone or otherwise will be escorted out of Motel and asked to leave.
Is the Route 6 Motel wheelchair accessible?
Unfortunately, due to staircases and uneven surfaces, the Route 6 Motel is not wheelchair accessible.
Do you have to purchase passes in advance?
No. But you can purchase online if you like. You can either print the voucher, or save the voucher to your phone and we'll scan the barcode at the door.

"We only made it halfway through before calling out the safe word. So worth the money and I can't wait to return to (hopefully) finish the whole thing!"