The Legend of the Haunted Motel

Nestled in a spruce grove in the centre of Cavendish, Prince Edward Island; the once splendid Route 6 Motel welcomed guests from all over the world with its promise of clean and comfortable rooms at an affordable price.

It operated from its opening in 1955 until the mid 1970’s when the owners ran into financial difficulties. At that time, a number of unexplained accidents and disappearances sullied the name of the once popular Motel.

Most notably was the disappearance of Mrs. Martin in 1975. She and her husband were on their honeymoon, not so different from the thousands of others that flock to the area every year. The morning the couple was meant to check out, the innkeeper received a noise complaint about Room 5, the Martins room. When he entered the room, the scene before him was terrifying, and there was no sign of young Mrs. Martin.

The innkeeper never fully recovered from the horrors he witnessed that day.

The motel was forced to close following that incident and the property has sat empty for the past 40 years, mostly ignored and falling into disrepair.

More recently, as tourism booms in Cavendish, investors purchased the old motel intent on restoring it to its former glory and reopening it once again to happy families.  However, they were unable to finish the project as they encountered numerous disturbing obstacles from the very first swing of the hammer, including reports of the soft sobbing of a young woman seemingly coming from the north wall of Room 5.

"The Route 6 Motel was absolutely spooktacular! 100% recommend for anyone who loves getting scared out of their wits!"